Prices for all rabbits start at $75, and come with a pedigree. Prices are non-negotiable and vary based on the quality of rabbit at time of sale.

No holds unless a minimum 50%, non-refundable deposit is placed. Deposits can be made by clicking the link below. All rabbits must be paid for in full before leaving the rabbitry - no exceptions. If you cancel the sale, your deposit will not be refunded. If for any reason we need to cancel the sale, we WILL refund you your deposit or arrange for another animal to sold to you.

No rabbit will leave Raging River Rabbitry prior to 10 weeks - no exceptions.
Visits to the Raging River are by appointment only to protect my rabbits from disease.


I cannot guarantee that a show quality animal will win or place on the show table. Judging is subjective and therefore my opinion of a show quality animal may be different from the judge (and vice versa). I cannot guarantee that an animal won't develop any DQs after it leaves my care. Should one develop later in its life, it is not my responsibility.


When placing a hold indicate your color preference(s) if any. Please note, color and sex cannot be guaranteed.